Get the ultimate in sports suspension for your Toyota Hilux

Trak Ryder 4WD Suspension represents many years of technical development and delivers new levels of ride and comfort for the 4-wheel drive Hilux owner. Pedders Trak Ryder suspension includes hundreds of quality components in its construction each designed to improve the ride and handling of specific vehicles in specific ways.

The success of the Pedders Trak Ryder 4WD suspension system is not governed by product alone. Trak Ryder is a tailored system and much of its prowess can be attributed to the fact that the system can be 'custom built' to suit any 4x4 vehicle. With Trak Ryder it is possible to enjoy all the aspirational tough qualities of a 4-wheel drive escape vehicle yet with the handling and ride characteristics of a sedan. For owners of newer vehicles, Trak Ryder brings an end to the age-old compromise of owning a 4-wheel drive and having to compromise on ride and comfort.

Whether it be for every day driving, lift kits or towing and load carrying you can be rest assured that your UK Pedders Suspension specialist can tailor a Trak Ryder suspension system to suit your driving needs. Click here to download brochure

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