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Subaru Forester SG Rear Suspension Kit

Jesus Aurelio Díaz Lerma

Administrator of Club Subaru Todocamino (Spain)


"Yesterday we installed the dampers on my Forester and they were perfect. This weekend I will test it on the field because I want to try to see how it responds off-road."


"Last Saturday I took her out for a trial run. The first test was tight cornering on the Costas del Farraf motorway. There was a bit of traffic, but handling was smooth. Next was the off road race track near Campdesens, a long straight marked by changes in terrain but with total visibility. I took her gently, jumping several times with all four wheels off the track and but she handled great, no strange rebounding or juddering from the rear.

Some stretching, but barely noticeable, no squeaking or rattling.

I did this test across multiple surfaces, to see how she would respond in every situation and perfect, not a single problem. Lastly, I the main road from Olesa de Bonesvall to Begues, this time entering the corners more aggressively and again, no problems, she held her own.

To sum up, I would 100% recommend Pedders kits, once installed my Forester handled like new, slightly firmer and very comfortable."

The news spreads

"By the way, I'm one of the administrators of the Club Subaru Todocamino in Spain. Several of my colleagues have problems with the original self-levelling shock absorbers from Subaru and we are looking for alternatives in the market. I was the official tester for your Pedders Kit for the Foresters.

I will recommend your kit to everyone, it works perfectly in our cars, and restores great handling and solves the problems we had with the self levelling. With your permission, I will insert a link to your website so that others know about your products."

Ive Van de Beek

"Bought a kit with 2 rear Pedder struts and 2 x Pedders Heavy Duty Coil Spring for my Forester SG5 with SLS expensive struts. The kit is great. Easy to change. Recommended. Waiting for a progressive spring because the car is with heavy loadings to far the rearside. Good service and quick delivery."

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